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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ragnarok Online 2 Card Synthesis

Ok so this is more for the benefit of those who were like me, wondering how to do Card Synthesis and the finer details. 

I know there are many of us who possess such knowledge already, but let this be a platform for one and all to clarify any doubts.

For those of you who are asking "huh? cards?" go here.

Now, for synthesis, you will need the following items:

5 different cards.

1 card synthesis stone. Posted Image
1 card designated synthesis. (optional) Posted Image

So 5 different slots for 5 different cards, you can use a mix of ANY cards of ANY level. So for example if you're trying to get a scratch thief card (normal+), you need one scratch thief card and ANY 4 other cards of any level. Put in the 5 cards, add the synthesis stone and you got an effective 10% chance of getting the scratch thief normal+. (50% pass rate and 20% chance of getting a normal+ of that card you want.) Do note however that if you fail, you lose ALL the cards.

Sounds like quite bad odds, doesn't it? So this is where the card designated synthesis comes in. This item(available in Kafra Shop) allows you to SELECT WHICH BASE CARD TO USE as the normal+(or higher) if it passes AND it PROTECTS THAT CARD from destruction should your synthesis fail. Pretty handy, eh? 

Put simply, with the card designated synthesis item, you only need ONE target card and four other rubbish cards to get your desired card of choice.

Do note that cards below level 10 will only get you as high as normal+ cards. Cards above level 10 give you a chance to get either a normal+ or a blue card. Below is an example. (You will only be able to see your options if you employ a Card Designated Synthesis.)

Resized to 75% (was 800 x 598) - Click image to enlargePosted Image

I have yet to explore synthesis of 5 normal+ cards and higher as I myself am new to this process. For now though, hope this helps some of you. :D 


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