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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Monster Summon Collection system

Introducing the new Monster Summon Collection system.
What is monster summon? What does it do?
Monster Summon Collection is a summoning system by where you can summon monsters to fight by your side in assisting you to take down enemy monsters. Your summon would last for 30 seconds and would be a type of skill, the cool-down timer of your summon would be subjected to yourAchievement Progression. More of this, would be explained later.
 How do I get this monster summon?
Monster Summon window is accessible from the "[" Key or by going to Main and clicking on the system Icon
Within this window all possible monster summons will be listed, their current Level, and Exp level.
How do I level or obtain a monster summon?
DNA fragments & Binding Protein can be obtained by the respective monsters. Eg, a Poring would drop a Poring Fragment.
Using thus DNA Fragment would result with a random DNA Fragment (A | T | G | C ).
As you can see that it has been updated into the Monster Summon Collection System.
To first unlock the first level of the monster you would require to fuse the DNA of the monster.
The following Window would display upon Fusing
The Item Resulted would be a DNA
Using the DNA would level up your Monster Summon, in this case Poring.
Since it has not been unlocked, the first usage would unlock it.

Congratulations, you have now unlocked your first Monster Summon. Further usage of DNA would further increase the experience of your summon.
This is the Skill Which you've unlocked to summon your Poring Summon.
Achievement Progress
Achievement Progress is a progress bar and Percentage of how many summons you have collected so far. This serves to allow you to keep track of your summon collection progression. Its other uses would also be explained in the following sections.
Monster Summon Cool-Time
This refers to the global cooldown time all summoned monsters share.
Once a single monster is summoned, all other monsters would undergo the same cooldown timer. To decrease the global cooldown further, You would be required to make progress on the Achievement Progress.
The cooldown will be decreased at certain intervals of progression and leading up to a minimum cooldown time of 30 seconds at 100% Progression.
Monster Summon Max Level
We have went through obtaining our very first summon and giving it experience. Thus experience would then eventually level our summon up. This would refer to the maximum level a summon could achieve. The highest maximum level a summon can achieve is 4 and this is done by achieving 100% on the Achievement Progress.


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