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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RO2 Baphomet Garden Normal Guide

*Baphomet Garden*

1st Boss Blue Bull
Blue Tornado - DOT 1.5k~2k, Deadly, walk out of it.
Smash Attack - Area that hits 3~3.5k
Summon Small Lizard - 60% normal hits 800~1k
Summon Red Bull - 40% below, 175k hps, normal hits 800~1k

Overall Process
Blue Bull > Blue Tornado > walk of out it
Blue Bull > Smash Attack > out heal the damage
Blue Bull > Summon Red Bull > off-tank taunt it, or Main Tank tank both if geared
Blue Bull > Summon Small Lizard > kill it or leave it

60% will summon small lizard, kill it or not, 50% will spawn an ally lizard to help you out on the battle. (just like killing moonlight bonus attack)
40% will summon red bull, tank it but focus on the Blue Bull until it down, after this kill it.

2nd Boss Red Bull
Red Whirlwind - DOT 1k~2k, the different of this and Blue Tornado is, this much smaller but it chase after people.
Summon Savage babe - 60% normal hits 800~1k
Slow Attack - movement speed decrease, deadly when combo with Red Whirlwind
Summon Blue Bull - 40% below, 175k hps, normal hits 800~1k

Overall Process
Blue Bull > Red whirlwind > walk in 1 direction and never walk back to it.
Blue Bull > Summon Blue Bull > off-tank taunt it, or Main Tank tank both if geared
Blue Bull > Summon Savage Babe > kill it or leave it

60% will summon Savage Babe, kill it or not, 50% will spawn an ally Savage to help you out on the battle. (just like killing moonlight bonus attack)
40% will summon Blue bull, tank it but focus on the Blue Bull until it down, after this kill it.

3rd Boss Humbaba
Hug Attack - 1.5k~3k depends on yout defend
Cursed Black Circle - DOT 1k~2k, Similiar to Ice Ring, will bind when you stay too long
Entrap - Bind the main tank for 5 seconds
Silence Attack - Silence on single target, or sometimes aoe
Red Wave - 4k~6k attack, deadly with humbaba adds buff, main tank are suggest to stay out of it.
Enrage III - buff himself with abnormal attack/defend/skill cooldown. 7~10minutes.
Summon Deviruchi - 16k hp adds with 700~1k damage

Adds on the map
Humbaba Pleasure - no idea.. (just kill this)
Humbaba Fury - Buff the Boss in certain range, within 15m (need more confirmation)
Humbaba Patient - Heal the boss when it dies 

Overall Process
Humbaba > Hug Attack > keep healing main tank
Cursed Black Circle - walk out of it
Entrap > Assumption if main tank is dying
Silence Attack > shield fortress, protection ki, feral defend if healer is silenced
Red Wave > Main Tank make sure the boss always face you, Range group make sure you always face behind the humbaba
Summon Deviruchi - Off Tank, Wizard clear it ASAP
Enrage III > lack of dps, time to change a team i guess? or try other method :)

Main tank Lure the Boss Humbaba to the left corner, make it doesn't faces your range group. ( Move left or right, so it will Red wave to Side, not to your Range Group)
Healer follow up the Main Tank, Sub healer can heal off tank that tanking the 3 adds.
Dps focus on Humbaba Pleasure, once Pleasure is down, Let the off tank lure to right corner, or more than 20m from the boss to avoid buff.
Dps on Boss humbaba and kill Deviruchi Adds when it spawned (suggest 1 tank that eat red pot and kill it in aoe), ignore Humbaba Fury and humbaba Patients and let the off tank to tank it.
Off tank keep tanking 2 adds (fury +patients) DPS hit boss, or aoe Deviruchi, and Main Tank keep Boss face away from Range Group + dodge skills

Last Boss Baphomet
Scythe Attack - 1k~2k depends on defense
Black Whirlwind - DOT 1.5k ~2k and it last for 10 seconds, Deadly if you got caught in it
Lord of Vermillion (blue aoe) - cast when the hp are below 50%, 4k above damage, Target a single target with a blue lightning circle on it, whoever caught into it will get hit as well.
Summon Baphomet JR - Around 70% hp will summon, 800~1k per hits
Summon Vegence Hollow (forget the nick) - After Baphomet JR, around 60% hp. 1k~2k, move in very slow pace.
Death Scythe Attack - 3.5k~4.3k, Target on the second, third highest threat player, range dps are advice to stay away from healer

Adds in Baphomet area
Red Bull - Aoe slow Skill for 5 second, and 700~1k damage
Blue Bull - 700~1k damage
^ forget which doing slow, i guess is red one since the previous boss that can slow is red one ><

Overall Process
Baphomet > Scythe Attack > just heal main tank :)
Baphomet > Black Whirlwind > keep running in a big circle for 10 second, i suggest all player stay out of it like 10m to avoid any invinsible Black Whirlwind happens (yes sometimes the BW deceive your eye even it doesn't reachs you)
Baphomet > Lord of Vermillion > walk away from your comrades and the rest stay ouf of that aoe
Baphomet > Summon Baphomet JR > Clear it ASAP, Off tank /Wizard aoe it (red potion to lure it, Suggest Off tank to do it) healer got to heal off tank, quite painful when it hits together, around 2k plus.
Baphomet > Summon Vegence Hollow > Either Off Tank Kite it or Clear it, Cause this mobs Move in VERY VERY Slow pace, just need to keep provoke it (kite when you got two off tank, as for second wave of Bap jr and 2nd vegence hollow)
Baphomet > Death Scythe Attack > Second /Third Threat, do not stay with your comrades in 10m

Main tank Lure Baphomet to the Left and stick around to the wall, building the threat as much as possible
Off tank, (1 or 2) lure the red one to right, and keep the blue on the right (to avoid the red bull slow the main tank)
Main Heal on Main tank, Sub heal on Sub tank (1 or 2)
DPS down Red Bull (since got aoe slow) and then Blue bull next, then Boss will be the last
Once Red/Blue Bull are down, Aim for the boss, beware of the Black Whirlwind and Death Scythe Attack
Summon Baphomet JR on 60% hp, Off Tank are require to Red Potion and tank it, everyone help to clear adds (beware of Black Whirlwind when you clearing it)
Summon Vegence Hollow on 50% hp, kite if got 2 off tank, or just kill it
Summon Baphomet JR on 45% hp below, Same process
Summon Vegence Hollow on 30% hp below, same process
By the time you should be hitting the boss already :) good luck

*some tips for Humbaba, and Baphomet
For some raid party might prefer luring out the bosses and reset the adds, or luring adds and reset the boss, is up to you guys which path to decide. 
Just make sure if that method does not work on your team, I advice that you to switch your method, but not too often (as actual experience on raid require some times to learn)
And be tolerate with your raid members which method to use. (The main goal is to clear the raid dungeon, not to win an argument which method are better) 



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