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Friday, January 25, 2013

Faulken's Assasin Guide

Stat Build: (STR/AGI/VIT)

Strength - to increase your damage
Agility - to increase evasion and hit rate
Vitality - to increase max HP and to survive longer
Intelligence - not really used for assassin class
Will - to increase max SP and to use more skills

Here are some stat build that can be used although there is no PERFECT build. It's a matter of how you play your Ragnarok Online 2 Assassin.

41/41/0 - decent damage and crit
40/40/8 - balanced build
50/26/2 - huge damage but not that good in dealing crit
26/50/2 - huge crit but not so good in damage

Skill Build:
Here are some skill build that you can use, depends on your play style. - the one I use, PvE build but also for PvP - Kuropi's

"i maxed shadow strike instead of shadow leap as its more of a skill to chase down or to use with precision and timing to lock dwn archer and mages eg:interrupt casting so i can spam as and when i like. but on the other hand i have shadow strike dealing 4% more damage at max lvl and hitting 3 time giving more chance to crit haha well bro each has its own thinking. assassin skill roataion is close to pvp rotation as we deal damage to only 1 mob so nt much of a difference haha." - Enlainzer's mobility build
mobility - movespeed

"this build greatly focuses on mobility while hiding (+60% speed if you hiding in shadow form... im not sure if it stacks though since i haven't tried in cbt)
Genocide Mark = lvl 1... +0.4% vs +2% is not much of a difference (you get crit rate mostly from your agi and you have SHadow Claw as an assasin +5% crit)
Hiding/Cloak Hiding = max (you run faster than riding peco peco while hiding in shadow form)
Poison Weapon = lvl 1... every lvl only adds +1% extra dmg (chance to poison is 30% in all lvls... 10%dmglvl1 vs 15% dmglvl5... not that great... most of your heavy dmg comes from your main skills)
Shadow Strike = lvl 2... 20sec cd, only used to get 3 combo at once (although maxing this skill still very good since it gives +42% dmg compared to only 34%dmg at lvl 2)- 20cd remains the same in all lvls
SHadow Assault = lvl 1... only used to chase/stun enemy for 3sec (20sec cd in all lvls)... dmg is good if maxed too 26%dmg lvl 1 - 38%dmg lvl 5
SHadow Armor = lvl 5... cd is reduced to a smexy 40sec... so you get +50% dodge every 30sec for 10sec
maxing shadow assault + shadow strike will give you a very good burst dmg every 20sec... but if you only use them as Utility skills (getting 3 combo and 3sec stun) then lvl 1 is enough" - Enlainzer's alternate build
"alternate build that focuses on max shadow assasult and shadow strike for very good burst dmg in pve/pvp too (sacrifices mobility)
lvl 1 Dark Illusion = Great initiation skill... will teleport you at the back of your target within 20m... 100% crit chance + double dmg from hiding" - Norenche's PvE and PvP

Skill Rotation:

Poisoning Weapon>Genocide Mark>Dagger Throwing>Double Attack x5>Deadly Blow. Repeat.
or you can go Hiding then Deadly Blow as a starting attack.

Buff up. You would like to use Dagger Throwing for luring monsters to your party (useful in caves) and spam Double Attack maxing combo points then Deadly Blow.

Haven't reached Assassin in RO2 yet, just taking this from some guides. (Slow leveler, I know XD)
Hiding>Shadow Strike>Double Attack x5>Shadow Explosion>Double Attack x5>Deadly Blow. Repeat.

Use Grimtooth for getting combo points.

You would like cards that give all stats you are using, STR, AGI, and VIT. Do not hestitate to get General+ cards as it has better stats than the normal one. Some of these are Garbong, Miyaong, Scratch Raider, etc.

Oh and at level 50, you can either use any of the 3 runes, as this won't matter much because of epic gears with +100 boosts.



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