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Thursday, January 31, 2013

MatSky's Ranger Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Rangers are powerful ranger attacker with a high mobility. Their really useful in PVE since they can attack nonstop without being worried about tanking at all. Traps are your drugs!! They will be your lifesaver and also your Pots saver.

Stats for DPS Rangers;

As we all know ranger's main two attributes are Str and Agi. The popular stats is 40/40/8. I prefer adding up str first then agi with a ratio of 3:1. This way you can level up more faster. Don't go for Agi more then 40 since its not going to make a big difference.

Skills for rangers ;

Arrow Impact
Causes at the enemy Physical Damage and slows his Movement Speed by 40% for 5s.
Level 1: 26% Physical Damage & 20s Cooldown
Level 2: 28% Physical Damage & 16s Cooldown
Level 3: 30% Physical Damage & 12s Cooldown
Level 4: 32% Physical Damage & 8s Cooldown
Level 5: 35% Physical Damage & 4s Cooldown
Cast Time : Instant - Cooldown : 20.00s
SP Cost : 2
Range : 20.00m

This is your opening skill when your archer and even for your ranger as well. It slow downs the enemy to reach you and when it reaches the monster should be already to half of its health. But this skill is useless on Boss class as it has no effect. Also if you max this skill which reduces the cooldown to 4s you can kite your opponents nonstop.
Recommended : Lvl 1 (PVE) & lvl 5 (PVP)

You jump back to Increase the gap between you and the enemy.
Level 1: 40s Cooldown
Level 2: 30s Cooldown
Level 3: 20s Cooldown
Cast Time : Instant - Cooldown : 40.00s
SP Cost : 0

One of your mobility kiting skill where you would leap backwards faraway from your opponent. This skill synchronizes well with yout trap. Just trap and acrobat and game on ! The main problem of this skill is you can't use it while in your battle.
Recommended level : 2-3

Charge Arrow
15 Focus Acquired. Causes Physical Damage.

Level 1: 33% Physical Damage
Level 2: 39% Physical Damage
Level 3: 45% Physical Damage
Cast Time : 1.60s - Cooldown : 0.90s
SP Cost : 1
Range : 20.00m

Remember this skill as your going to use it from lvl 1 until lvl 50. Probably going to use it million times. Your main skill and also the skill that gives most of your focus point (point use to activate double straffing). The cons is the casting time. It would be more nice if its instant shot
Recommended Level : 3 is a must !!

Charge Arrow Mastery
Decreases the Cast Time of Charge Arrow.

Level 1: 0.2s Cast Reduction
Level 2: 0.4s Cast Reduction
Level 3: 0.6s Cast Reduction
Should i explain more? Just max it !!

Double Strafing
30 Focus Required. Fires an Arrow which hits the enemy with Physical Damage.

Level 1: 34% Physical Damage
Level 2: 36% Physical Damage
Level 3: 38% Physical Damage
Level 4: 40% Physical Damage
Level 5: 43% Physical Damage
Cast Time : Instant - Cooldown : 0.90s
SP Cost : 1
Range : 20.00m

Also one your main skill where after obtaining 30 focus point you can use this skill. This skill increases your dps so much you can out perform a rogue.
Recommended Lvl : 5

Owl's Eye
Fired 2 Charge Arrows in a Row Increases your Attack Damage for 10Sec.

Level 1: Physical Damage +3%
Level 2: Physical Damage +6%
Level 3] Physical Damage +9%

Each time you use 2 charge arrows you will get extra buff from this skill. But it only last for 10 seconds. So you must time it wisely in order to use this skill with your double straff.
Recommended Lvl : 3

Improve Concentration
Increases the Agility of All Party or Raidmembers for 30min.

Level 1: Agility +2%
Level 2: Agility +4%
Level 3: Agility +6%
Level 4: Agility +8%
Level 5: Agility +10%
Cast Time : Instant - Cooldown : 3.00s
SP Cost : 4

Your only buff skill. Really helpfull at low level. Also buffs your party
Recommended level : 5

Ankle Snare
Places a Trap which holds the enemy in place for 10s, activates after 30s.

Level 1: 60s Cooldown
Level 2: 45s Cooldown
Level 3: 30s Cooldown
Cast Time : Instant - Cooldown : 60.00s
SP Cost : 1

This skill does wonders in PVE and also PVP. Lets just say its a game winner ! Its really usefull when your fighting those mini boss. But your not going to use in every situation because of the cooldown.
Recommended level : 1 is enough since during a battle you wont have the time to retrap even if its max level.

Falcon Eyes
Resets all cooldowns.

Level 1: 240s Cooldown
Level 2: 210s Cooldown
Level 3: 180s Cooldown
Level 4: 150s Cooldown
Level 5: 120s Cooldown
Cast Time : Instant - Cooldown : 240.00s
SP Cost : 4

This skill is really usefull in pvp where you can reset your trap and acrobat cool time. But the cooldown is too long even for max level.
Recommended Level : 1

Arrow Shower
Generates a Rain of Arrows which hit up to 10 enemies in the target Area. It is recommended to use this when you are facing 3 or more enemies.

Level 1: 35% Physical Damage
Level 2: 41% Physical Damage
Level 3: 47% Physical Damage
Cast Time : 1.50s - Cooldown : 0.00s
SP Cost : 3
Range : 15.00m

Your AOE skill. The damage is not so bad compared to other class AOE. Mostly will be used in dungeon when your party is under attack by mobs. In pvp you can deactivate a rogue's or assasins hiding state when their hit.
Recommended Level : 1

Wind Walk
Increases for 30s your Movement and Attack Speed.

Level 1: Movement Speed +10% & Attack Speed +24%
Level 2: Movement Speed +20% & Attack Speed +48%
Level 3: Movement Speed +30% & Attack Speed +72%
Level 4: Movement Speed +40% & Attack Speed +96%
Level 5: Movement Speed +50% & Attack Speed +120%
Cast Time : Instant - Cooldown : 120.00s
SP Cost : 3

One of your buff skill which increases your walking speed and haste. Good when your trying to escape from a monster. Also it decreases your charge shot cast time.
Recommended Level : 5

Main Ranger
Each Skills which Generate Focus have a chance that the next 2 Double Strafe wont consume any Focus.

Level 1: 3% Chance
Level 2: 6% Chance
Level 3: 9% Chance
Level 4: 12% Chance
Level 5: 15% Chance

Each time you use a skill that generates focus such as charge arrow, poison arrow and sharpshooting there is a chance you will get 2 double straffs. Do not waste when you get it as it only last for 10 seconds.
Recommended Level : 5

Focused Arrow Strike
10 Focus Acquired. Hits the enemy with Physical Damage and weakens him. Weakened enemies take for 10s more Damage.

Level 1: 18% Physical Damage & 0.5% DOT
Level 2: 22% Physical Damage & 1% DOT
Level 3: 25% Physical Damage & 1.5% DOT
Cast Time : Instant - Cooldown : 10.00s
SP Cost : 4
Range : 20.00m

This skill is good if your trying to maximize your damage output.
Recommended level: 1-3

Poison Arrow
10 Focus Acquired. Shots Poisoned Arrows which hit the enemy with Physical Damage. Poisoned enemies take Damages over 30s every 2s.
Level 1: 17% Physical Damage & 14% DOT
Level 2: 19% Physical Damage & 16% DOT
Level 3: 21% Physical Damage & 18% DOT
Level 4: 23% Physical Damage & 19% DOT
Level 5: 25% Physical Damage & 21% DOT

Cast Time : Instant - Cooldown : 3.00s
SP Cost : 4
Range : 20.00m

This skill drains your opponents health for every 2 second. Its usefull in PVP and also PVE where even if your not attacking your opponent they stil receive damage.. Good kiting skill where it stacks with your focused arrow shot's DOT
Recommended Level : 1

Fear Breeze
Every use of Double Strafe Increases your Attack Speed. Breeze can be stacked to a Maximum of 5 and lasts 30s. The effect will not be renewed if the Maximum of stacks is reached.
Level 1: Attack Speed +0.4%
Level 2: Attack Speed +0.8%
Level 3: Attack Speed +1.2%
Level 4: Attack Speed +1.6%
Level 5: Attack Speed +2%

Each time you use a double straff you will get 1 fear breeze. The max you can stack is until 5. Where your haste would also increase by 10%. Means your charge arrow casting will be faster. Max this is if your going to play full DPS ranger.
Recommended Level : 3-5

Arrow Vulcan
5 Breeze Stacks Required. Fires arrows at your enemy which deals Damage and cause the effect of Poison Arrow.

Level 1: 64% Physical Damage
Level 2: 71% Physical Damage
Level 3: 78% Physical Damage
Level 4: 86% Physical Damage
Level 5: 93% Physical Damage
Cast Time : Instant - Cooldown : 10.00s
SP Cost : 2
Range : 20.00m

Let's say this is your ultimate skill. Where when 5 fear breeze is stacked you can activate this skill. But trust me in PVP you will have no time to use this skill at all. The buildup of this skill is freaking long. So this skill mainly for PVE.
Recommended Level : 5

Not useable in Combat. Hides you in your surroundings and the chance of being detected by Monsters is reduced by half. Decreases your Movement Speed. First attack out of Camouflage deals Double Damage.

Level 1: Movement Speed -40%
Level 2: Movement Speed -20%
Level 3: No Drawbacks
Cast Time : Instant - Cooldown : 3.00s
SP Cost : 3

Just like thief's you can hide or in other word camoflage. But our is better because we can set trap while we are hiding state also. It also makes ur next damage 2 times when you come out of hiding.
Recommended level : 1

Camouflage Mastery
Increases your Movement Speed in Camouflage.
Level 1: Movement Speed +10%
Level 2: Movement Speed +20%
Level 3: Movement Speed +30%

Do not waste your skill in this. Just leave at lvl 1 in order to get falcan assault.
Recommended level : 1

Falcon Assault
Summons a falcon which attacks your target for the duration of 30s. The falcon hits your target every 2s with Physical damage of Blitz Beat.

Level 1: 20% Physical Damage
Level 2: 23% Physical Damage
Level 3: 25% Physical Damage
Level 4: 28% Physical Damage
Level 5: 30% Physical Damage
Cast Time : Instant - Cooldown : 120.00s
SP Cost : 3
Range : 20.00m

Ranger can summon a falcon that can help them in battle. But their AI is messed like hell. You cant control them at all. Most of the situation you will end up in a sticky situation because of the stupid AI. But its a usefull skill for PVP. Where you can camoflage and summon a falcon and you will be still in hiding state.
Recommended level : 0 If your going full dps. 5 if your going for hybrid dps.

My skill build (Just a suggestion)

I only cover the skills that is going to be usefull for rangers. There are many skills that are useless so i just left it out.
Now regarding the DPS cycle. Many people have their own still of playing it. Mine going like this

Arrow impact > Poison Arrow > Focus Arrow Strike > WindWalk > Charge Arrow x 2 > DS ( Repeat the step from charge arrow until you can get arrow vulcan). Also before each arrow vulcan max sure you have Owl's eye buff and DOT of focused arrow strike in order to maximize your damage.



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