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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vampire's Hybrid Monk Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Monks have decent attack speed and good combo skills. They are tend to be the damage dealer but their defend skills are still one of the best in game. So how to be a hybrid(tanker & damager) monk? Here is the Hybrid Monk guide by me, feel free to drop a suggestion.

STAT Distribution
Level 50 :
STR : 36
INT : 36
VIT : 25

the VIT is quite high so it can provide you a good amount of HP to tank, and the most important part is to balance between your STR and INT. both STR and INT provide the same amout of ATTACK POWER and PARRY, so its recomended to balance them.

Skill Distribution

Comment :

Quadruple Palm : This skill is your bread and butter, you should Max this as soon as possible.
Iron Palm & Stone Skin : These skills is a must for you to tank. Max it.
Protection Ki : This skill is your "oh sh*t" button, max it to save you from a silly death.
Ki Explosion : Best damage buff for monks, use it as soon as it off cooldown. and Max it
Guillotine Fist : Monk's ultimate skill, max it or dont play monk at all.
Earth Shaker : Damage increase too low for each level, should leave it at 1.
Lightning Walk : This skill best to use when fighting with range mobs/player. The cooldown reduce significantly in each level, you should max it or leave it at 3
Throw Spt. Spehere : This skill should be use every 15 sec, and good at any level.
Shout : Same skill as swordsman provoke, every tanker should have this to keep the monster aggro on you, and to save your party member's life.
Flee : You're not a thief, be manly and you dont need to dodge :)



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