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Friday, January 18, 2013

Ragnarok Online 2 1st Job Classes

Just like RO1, Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second 1st Job Class are Swordman, Thief, Acolyte, Magician, Archer, and after you hit lvl 25 you can change job it. Here is the info on the 1st Job Class.


"It all starts with sword mastery" as it is about the most basic combat skill there is. While it's easy to learn the skills of a swordsman it is very difficult to master The Way of the Sword. In the process of learning the sword at a young age the mind and the body also start grow, this becomes the beginning of the dedication required by the sword.This is where a true warrior starts to be born.

Swordsmen are the Masters of the Sword, they are strong in both offense and defense, they are able to both conquer on the battlefield and provide protection for their teammates. A swordsman will not use their strength against their enemies unjustly, for that is not the way of a Swordsman.

Experienced Swordsman can progress into the jobs of Knight or Warrior.


The Thief is hard to convey. Anyone who has stolen something is called a Thief on the spot. And so the title for the first type of thieves was born.

When more thieves came about, a leader appeared among them. The leader then created a guild and The Republic of Guilds accepted the Thieves Guild and acknowledged their formal profession.In the laws of the Thieves Guild the act of killing and or stealing from the poor and weak is not acceptable. If one of the Guild laws the leader of the guild judges the violator in an unimaginable way

Though Thieves may not have the strength of arm for intense combat, they do have increased dexterity and speed that can help on the battlefield.When you choose the path of a Thief you have left civilized society and it becomes very hard to gain back the respect of the general public.

Experienced Thieves can progress into the jobs of Rogue or Assassin.


Those who become Acolytes are blessed by the Orthodox Church of Odin. They are assisted in becoming trainee priests from the beginning. Acolytes are now in high demand due to a lack of human resources and the ever increasing presence of monsters on the continent. Acolytes are charged with the responsibility of keeping their team alive on the battlefield.

Acolytes from the Church of Odin begin their duties in battle against wicked Demons in the mountains, constantly moving forward to heal the wounded.

Experienced Acolytes can progress into the jobs of Priest or Monk


Mages can manipulate magic naturally and can use it to inflict devastating damage to their enemies. Mages borrow magic from the earth as they seek for the truth. Mages can manipulate the basic elements with the use of their magical powers.

A Mage survives by applying their various magic skills with with intelligence. Mages are very weak to physical attacks as their defense is low.

A Mage must understand battle tactics and use strategy to understand and use thr surrounding environment to their benefit at all times. Mages are at their best when attacking from a distance. However, Mages do have a lot of mental strength to help them dominate on the battlefield.

Experienced Mages can progress into the jobs of Wizard or Sorcerer.


In ancient times the Elves used weapons known as bows, now those known as Archers are trained in the use of the bow.During the Era of Crisis the Elves taught the skills of Archery and Hunting to the humans.

Archers who succeed in their training inherit the knowledge of those teachings and become skilled in forestry, hunting in the dark of night, and remaining hidden whist keeping close to the grasslands. With their keen senses and observation skills Archers are able to unleash fatal shots from a great distance to kill their enemies.

However, Archers are frail of body, to survive Archers are trained in agility. This is best demonstrated when they are in danger or their enemies are on the move.

Experienced Archers can progress into the jobs of Hunter or Ranger.



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