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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bug Fixed/Changes for 28th March 2013

Dear Asgardians,
Here are the latest Bug Fixed/Changes that have been applied into the game services on 28th March 2013.
Bug Fixed/Changes
Problem that sometimes the camera view to penetrate into character’s head has been fixed.
Problem of late HP/SP update on the character information UI has been fixed.
The Error Code: 1069 inside the Kafra Shop has been fixed.
The delayed response of Ankle Snare, Claymore Trap, Freezing Trap ETC. have been fixed.
Player will now hear a job completed sound when they finished their repairing job.
The Rune Hole Puncher error has been fixed.
Deserter bug has been fixed.
Craft no.256 error has been fixed.
Problem of Huge Robberbug not dropping Huge Robberbug Card has been fixed.
Random crash issue has been improved.
Following Daily Quest has been changed into Normal Quest.▪ The Hardest Metal in the World
The correct quest information in the quest list, not showing target NPC problem has been fixed.
▪ Save Time While Closing Dimensional Crack!
▪ Sweeping Gremlins from the Sanctuary.
▪ Slag's Condition
▪ We can make stew but have no ingredient.
▪ Miss Lady!
Player are encouraged to send in any bug report which they have encountered while playing the game to our RO2 iBox. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
-RO2 Administrator.


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