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Monday, April 15, 2013


So a few topics that need better addressing: How is this beta being done? And which territories are we not allowed to service? How is the item shop being handled? When is Official launch?

1. This will be a Beta, we aren't restricting how many can join, so it is "open" but we will be wiping when it is done so we can really tweak with things to the point of game imbalancing without effecting long term game economy and balance. If you reach level 10 during the beta on 1 character that name will be available to you alone for 60 days after our launch.

We debated doing a closed then an open beta. But the closed beta would not have answered many of the issues we actually needed to test, such as performance under high user numbers. The game has effectively had its closed beta test with 2 versions already launching.

2. Who is our territory? We are officially North America, Europe and Oceania (Australia). Places that we know there are players that would want to play here but we have to restrict access for is SEA areas and Brazil. This is unfortunate for us and for them, but that is what needs to happen when there are multiple partners servicing the game in specific geographic areas.

3. We will have an item shop, though with different prices and different durations on items from the shop. Much ado about short duration items is being addressed by making more items permanent. Mounts will be durational, but with how the systems works for them it shouldn't be much of an impact to you. Costumes by and large will be permanent so you can combine them and use them for other in-game purposes. During the beta we may open up the item shop to test out the payment processes. However, if we do so anything you buy you will receive again during the Commercial service so in effect you didn't spend anything during the Beta period.

4. Beta is intended to be ~ 5 days, and then be down about a week or so, for us to make changes and updates to make sure we are 100% ready to launch. If there is some showstopper bug or problem we will of course delay the launch to avoid putting out a problem product.



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