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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

HERO Wanted! Event

Dear Asgardians,
Begin your path toward the true Hero of Frontera with the Start-Up Package.
From 28th March 2013 to 25th April 2013, all newly registered accounts with at least 1 playing character, will be entitled to the Start-up Package, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Update as of 28/03/2013, 1615hrs(+8 GMT)▪ Change in Phantom Stone quantity
Here are the benefits you can get from the VIP Membership Ticket.
 VIP Membership Ticket(1 Day)
▪ Max HP increased by 10%
▪ MAX SP increased by 10%
▪ Movement Speed increased by 20%
▪ Instance dungeon token (Winner's Point) additional obtain 50% increased
▪ Poring Name Tag
 Good luck in your quest to be the true Hero!
-RO2 Administrator.


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