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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Game Maintenance and Kafra Shop Update on 11th April 2013

Dear Asgardians,
Please be informed that there will be a Game Maintenance and Kafra Shop Update on 11th April 2013 from 0900hrs to 1230hrs (+8 GMT).
Game services for all world will not be available during this period of time.
Player are advised to log out before the Game Maintenance to prevent any loss of items.
▪ Dungeon Burning Time Event (NEW)
▪ Pandora Box Week (NEW)
▪ Refinement Probability UP Event (NEW)
▪ Kafra Service Special Holiday Event (NEW)
▪ Removal of Large Bag Event
▪ Removal of Colosseum Assemble
▪ Removal of Colosseum Burning Time
▪ Removal of Limited Karnium Sale
Kafra Shop Update 
▪ Fashion Horns Random Box sales
▪ Karnium sales
▪ Fashion Beret Random Box
Bug Fixed/Changes
▪ King of Mandragora quest has been changed. The number of NPC killed has been changed from 12 to 1.
Update as of 11th April 2013, 1220hrs(+8 GMT)
Please be informed that all services have bee resumed as of 1220hrs.
Thank you.
-RO2 Administrator.


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