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Thursday, February 14, 2013

2/14/13 RO2 Full Manual Patch Mediafire

February 14, 2013 RO2 Full Manual Patch Via Mediafire

Patch v1.3.2(34) 130214:
-Monster’s melee attacking from a distance problem has been fixed.
-Merem boss spawn location has been changed.
-Korean text while equipping Runes has been fixed.
-Shield of the Ferocious Pandora item stats corrected.
-Unknown item sold by Gabriel NPC fixed.
-Fox costume skin clipping fixed.
-Class requirement for Claw of the Ferocious Pandora corrected.
-Super Large Bag description in Kafra shop corrected to "Not Tradable"
-Typo for Verta Delta quest corrected.
-Arena NPC Neonich's speech fixed.
-Rogue equipment unable to acquire from Immolating Oppressor Token fixed.
-Culvert of Abyss bosses has been fixed.


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