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Saturday, February 23, 2013

BobbyEiken's Pure Killer Warrior and Tanker Build

Good day everybody!
Today I will tell you about warrior build, warrior has high attack and moderate high defend. There are a lot of great warrior build. There are two build that I think very fun to play with, The first I'll call it Killer Build (Very High Damage) and the second one is Tanker Build (High Damage and High Defend). I got no interest on hybrid build since focusing on one stat is better on getting more buff bonus than hope for other job to give buff to improve you second stat. Warrior works great when party with healer.

Posted Image

Killer Warrior Build
Very great for leveling and fast when killing monster. Good at dungeon. Don't try to be a tanker, let knight or monk do their job :P
  • 3 STR + 1 AGI/1 VIT
  • Full STR

  • Very high attack
  • Easy leveling from first level
  • Good critical and dodge if you take AGI and Good Health Point if you take VIT

  • Need to party with healer to optimize your gameplay
  • Low Health Point (HP) if you take AGI

Killer Warrior Skill Build
Resized to 77% (was 782 x 563) - Click image to enlargePosted Image

Tanker Warrior Build

Very great for dungeon. Pretty slow when leveling. If you want a tanker that give pretty high damage that able to give effect to bosses HP this build is for you.
  • 1 STR + 3 VIT
  • Full VIT

  • A lot of Health Point
  • Easy to get party for dungeon, and you are the boss tanker or at least help guardian or monk when they got problem

Need to enhance equipment start from Wolf Cave
Need a lot of concentration on managing bosses

Tanker Warrior Skill Build
Resized to 77% (was 782 x 564) - Click image to enlargePosted Image

Skill Rotation
First knock down with Battle Leaf (If failed use Pommel Attack) > Bowling Bash > Bash until got 50 Anger > Rage Strike > Pommel Attack (If has not been used) > If your opponent got pretty low Health Point spam with Brandish Spear or repeat to first rotation.

Common knowledge
  • If you take AGI you can't hope you'll dodge smoothly with bosses at dongeon since bosses there have high accuracy.
  • Each VIT only give you more HP and no defend increased. VIT usually used for survival and if you think you'll need it don't over do it except you want to be a tanker, I think 18 or 24 points are enough.
  • Even if you don't have high VIT or AGI Warrior have pretty high defend, and able to tank for few second if your party tanker got screwed.
  • Status upgrade improve each 6 point, I recommend you to improve your point in increments of 6.
  • If you like to do dungeon, don't forget to upgrade your equipment.

Card Combo for Warrior
Card combo will be updated when I got more information. 



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