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Monday, February 25, 2013

ZidaneGarnet's DPS/Semi Healer Sorc Guide

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Im a sorc in Jormungard. IGN ZidaneGarnet. Currently lv50. This guide goes a major edit on 23/01/13 due to a major nerf on ALL Sorcerer's Healing Skills. 

As of now, all the healing skills are reduced by 50% and its PERMANENT Yes! its permanent. I know there are alot sorcerer users out there feeling remorse on this matter. Trust me! So do I !.

I've given alot thoughts into this matter and i can only come out with 1 conclusion. Sorc can never be a good hybrid anymore. Now you either choose to be full supporter or full dps with very little healing skill.

I will talk more about it in this guide below.



Agi is your friend and only. Max it! you can get 51/27/3 by lv 50. Im aware that there's another famous build which is 41/41 but here's my judgement. Sorc easily got int boost from equipments and cards. There's no need for more in int as you can obtain it easily. on the other side, agi is scrutiny. if you dont pump it, you wont get ANY at all!. Critical is seriously matters to your damage output. 6000 damage (with 1.7k magic attack) is easily obtained with full agi build. Regarding to VIT, you would have enough health to survive almost anything. Use title, cards and equipment to coverup for the VIT.

Even with the new change, agi is still a very good choice to go for. You would heal slightly less than full int but you can proc more seal of earth heals and critical heals. Either full dps or full support, agi is still a win win situation.

I advice getting VIT runes for all slots. You would need more HP now at late game as you already have plenty of agi and int. its time for VIT.

For full dps sorc, go for Poisona 

[Full Support] For full support, go for Scratch Thief Card. 

If you already using full poisona, then let it be. its still ok just some sacrifice on HP. You can have more VIT runes in your gear to cover it up. Scratch thief card is relatively cheap now. [normal+] is about 300z only now

Well... any would do but i would suggest artisan as its easy to lv and you can make alot items which would be useful for you.


For lvling, just follow main quest and solve all Khara EXP quest. Title you can get later as its not as important as your exp. Sorc item hardly drop in dungeon!!! this is what i experience XD 

For dungeon, a party of 5, usually they would need 1 tanker, 1 priest, 1 sorc and the rest dps. Even in raid, Sorc is still needed. If you are a full dps, just do dps. if you're a full support, just do full support. there aint anymore fun in sorc as of now. 

Avoid boss AOE unless you have high life to be forefront Sorc healer. It is highly not recommended. just ensure there's a good distance between you and the melee and at the same time will not get hit by the AOE. in this way, you can run in to cast emergency deluge on time and at the same time, you can survive. 

Use frost diver on mobs that can suicide. In freeze condition, they cant cast their suicide. lv3 frost diver has just the nice CD so that you can immediately cast 2nd frost diver after 1st freeze ends. 

[Full Support] Play like a priest style. 



Posted ImageLightning Bolt (1/5) 
you hardly use it after change job. you will be using jupitel thunder all the time.

[Full Support] If you need some skill for solo, get this to lv5 rather than getting all the way to JT. With Frost diver and Lightning bolt, you can really do quite alot dps. 3 lightning bolt = 1 JT but you can cast faster. JT have CD after cast thus, lightning bolt wins for this point. Its only useless if you're pure DPS where you benefits from quadraple critical with wind proc.

Posted ImageThunderstorm (1/3)
Useless.... low damage and limited number of mobs that it can hit...

Posted ImageSeal of Wind (5/5)
This skill is so useful and its a must to get! 30% chance to proc wind seal. This cause next 2 lightning skill to do 2x damage! if the lightning skill critical, it would be 4x DAMAGE! insane damage you will do.

[Full Support] For full support, this skill is useless to you as you need Earth Seal to be able to heal decently.

Posted ImageJupitel Thunder (3/3)
2nd most damaging skill you would use and 75% of the time you would be casting it! JT at lv3 deals 64%.

[Full Support] if possible, try to play like a priest and depends on your friend/ally to lv up. The rest of the skill below JT tree, all skip.

Posted ImageJupitel Thunder Mastery (optional)
This skill is optional. In my case, i increase to (2/3) for the best chance to proc instant Jupitel Thunder. Jupitel thunder needs 3s to cast and that could be long. Either for PVP nor PVE reason, a faster casting would be a win! why lv2?
at lv1, this skill adds 5% but in lv2! it increases to 13%!!! but at lv3, it increases additional 2% only which doesnt make any difference thus, lv2 will do if you want this skill.
Jupitel Thunder Mastery proc with Cold Bolt.

Posted ImageMemorize (1/5)
Just a pvp skill. lv 1 will do. This skill is a buff which makes the next 3 skills you cast without casting. Instant cast for next 3 skills.
There's another use of this skill during raid or dungeon. When you're in emergency status, cast this skill, then cast LoR and 2 more Healing wave. It really does a sudden burst of healing.
Dont use it for DPS purpose in dungeon or raid. Its better off to use during such emergency.

Posted ImageLord of Vermillion (1/3)
In my oppinion, all area skills in sorc is useless. the damage is too low and you would be long dead before you kill any of the mobs using this skill.

Posted ImageVaretyr Spear (5/5)
Your ULTIMATE damage skill! up it. even though have 30s cool down but its ok! get it! 80% damage at lv5


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Don't up any of these. Fire skills are only important for wizard and a no no to sorc. Abandon all of the fire skills.


Posted ImageCold Bolt (5/5)
You will cast it all the time! yeah! all the time! max it. its just dumb not to max it as you need it for the other skills to succeed such as JT and spear. lv5 deals 38% damage and slows 40% movement speed for 6 seconds.

Posted ImageFrost Diver (3/3)
Max it. 6 seconds is important for you to kill a person in pvp or freeze bombs.
In Baphomet Garden, if you cast twice on the worm(suicide with 10k damage) the worm will disappear soon after 2nd freeze end. This will save people like hell. Tanker hardly can tank the worm at all. mostly die if touched.

Posted ImageSeal of Water (1/5)
Just 1 will do. the regen is not going to be of anything at all.

Posted ImageSummon Aqua (Optional)
This skill is good when fighting boss as it is a summon and it attacks the boss on its own and able to tank mobs without dieing. A very good dps skill to go if you want.
Due to the guardian vigor, im gonna leave this at lv1 and have soul bind to lv3 instead.

[Full Support] get this to the max ^^ you would be bz healing and this skill will helps you atk ^^

Posted ImageHealing Wave (1/5)
Lv1 will do. You are a better DPS than a healer. Dont waste for being a sorc.

[Full Support]If you're going full support, max this. it does heal fast and alot. With earth seal proc, it heals like crazy. Estimated 1.2-1.5k heal if critical.

Posted ImageSoul Cleanse (1/5)
Lv1 just debuff negative buff for 1 person. It would be nice if you have more skill points but as of now, lv1 will do.

[Full Support]There are bosses that will entangle your ally and deliver a death blow. Help them if you can. For full support, you can increase this skill level to a higher level.

Posted ImageMeditation (1/5)
Same reason as Soul Cleanse. Lv1 will do.
Meditation only boost on healing skill's critical. Your attack skill cri rate is not increased.

[Full Support]Extremely important for full supporter =)

Posted ImageDeluge (5/5)
IMPORTANT!. You're not just a DPS but you're a semi healer. you need this skill to save your party's life! one cast will fully heal your tanker. Must get it to max! another reason is, when priest skill is in cd, there's nobody else that could save the party except for you.

Here's a trick that i've tried. for Full DPS, its a better choice that you max this no matter what along with lv5 earth seal. When you cast deluge without earth seal, you healing power is really very low but once casted with earth seal, the healing power is as it is! but 1 thing, once you has casted the deluge with earth seal on, you can change your seal back to wind seal and it will not drop the amount of healing it does thus it will still heals as if you're using earth seal :rolleyes:

I've save the party plenty of times using this skill in raid. I really dont think a full dps should drop this else you would just be like any other dpsers. You will lose your position in the community... :(


Posted ImageEarth Seal (1/5)
You're a DPS more than a healer. lv1 will do.

[Full Support]A must to max now for full support and my new DPS build will also max this just sole for Deluge purpose.

Posted ImageSoul Bind (3/3)
At lv 3, the cool down reduces to 30 minutes. 20 minutes difference but still left with 30minutes makes this skill not worth to increase. This skill's cool down can be reduced by casting lv3 Guardian before using soul bind to revive an ally. With lv3 soul bind and v3 guardian, your CD can be reduced alot!!! i dont know the exact value yet but i do find this skill very important! 3/3 for this.

Posted ImageRejuvenation (1/5)
The casting animation is insane. Lv1 will do. Healing wave will be far better than this. The reason is, healing wave you can cast multiple time. more chance for critical and rejuvenation has a long cd and crazy animation to cast.

[Full Support]Max this if you're going full supporter. Imagine you heal 2k per heal. Great? LOL! absolutely but be wise to use it. Its good to use to heal those of hp above 50%. Below 50% i considered as emergency thus use healing wave to bring back stability.

Posted ImageEarth Shield (5/5)
This skill makes everyone happy! haha must get to lv5. 20% defense to tanker is a lot!

No matter full dps or full support, max this :rolleyes:

Posted ImageLand of Recovery (5/5)
There's a trick to this skill now. If you use earth seal and cast, the effect will increase. If during the LoR healing, you change seal to others, the healing of your LoR will drop back to the Joker's amount.

[Full Support]I would suggest full supporter to get this skill only. DPS, time to abandon the skill... you cant do dps at all if you wan the skill to have full effect and without earth seal, it just heals too little to make a difference... :(

for PVP and PVE full dpser
Cold Bolt -> JT -> Spear (pve)
Memorize -> Frost Diver - > JT - > Spear - > JT

Optional Skills Judgement
Jupitel Thunder Mastery to lv2 is important to me as i cast JT more than aqua thus i weight lv2 JT mastery more than Summon Aqua.

Earth seal at lv5 increases your healing power by 100% and have 30% extra heal if critical proc. Now due to the crazy nerfed skill, we must get this to the max.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImageSEALS
Do change your seal accordingly. Wind for dps, earth for heal if you need to such as, when the priest in your party is down and water seal when you're in recovering which is the least important of all. have fun switching the seals.
I add in the fire seal as it is also one of the seal but its just for the sake of the title :lol:

In conclusion, Sorc is really a very strong character to play. the damage is second to none. Not even monk's asura strike. You have more area skills and better healing skill's area than priest. Priest area heal is very small area and only around the priest. As a full support sorc, i do believe your healing power will wins priest now =)

Im sure alot people will be curious about my build after this change and yes! ofcourse i'll share with you guys :lol:
I'll be playing the full support now. We can do really good damage and great dps. Sry for being cocky but sometimes with alot wind seal procs, we are definitely the highest dpser in the game.
There are alot good dpser also in the game such as ranger. There are more dps than healer thus i plan to go for full support to help everyone. You can only win a boss if you team isnt down. If all dps down and left tanker, you will lose.

The iron rule is! Tanker musnt die else everyone dies. Healer mustnt die, else everyone dies. DPSers max can only 1 die out of 5, else the boss will enrage and wipe out the party.

You can always change back to DPS if you dont like full support. Its not that expensive t get a skill reset scroll =)

Overall Look of Skill Build
DPS Sorcerer Skill Tree

Full Support
Full Support Sorcerer Skill Tree

Full Support with Skill for Solo Lvling
FS and Solo

Correct RO2 LotS skill description
Here, this site's skill description is correct.
RO2 SEA Skill Description

Beware, the heal skills are not updated yet for that link.

Thank you for viewing my guide so intently and all the supports you guys has given me to succeed this guide. There are alot opinions that are great from you guys too and i do learn from you guys and update my guide ^^
Without you guys, this thread wouldnt be a thread worth to read.

In the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU EVERYBODY! :lol: :lol: :lol: 



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