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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ragnarok Online 2 Profession Chef Demeter

Chefs have the ability to make meals that enrich a person’s mind, their profession is known throughout the history of the continent of Midgard. Chefs meals are an essential source of life for people.
Thanks to chefs they can eat meals that help recharge their vitality and go forward into the future.
Chefs can provide many types of meals that help heal health and boost abilities. They are also specialized in gathering and processing ingredients. One meal can provide many special gifts.

Chefs harvest dead monsters to use in the creation of various food.

Demeter was a brilliant palace Chef.

Her cooking skill was so incredible that the King of another continent was taken by her food and wished to scout her. Demeter believed that the ultimate goal of coking was to make the taster happy, and so she set out on her lifetime foal to create a meal that would make everyone happy. After many attempts and much research she finally completed her recipes.

Demeter met the Day of Despair before she could cook her completed recipe.

Demeter greatly increases the summoners HP auto-recovery and allows the usage of exclusive skills such as Lusty Smell which poisons enemies with a powerful poison.



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