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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ragnarok Online 2 SEA Culvert of Abyss

Scenario: Culvert of Abyss

Culvert of Abyss is located at Verta Delta where is used by Alberta's Lord Grupazh to hide their self made military weapon from the freyjanity. The place appear to be like a normal culvert but it was well hidden from the the freyjanity and free from the freyjanity targeting reach. Based on that purpose, Lord Grupazh used the place to preserve their precious weapon and also armory.

After Lord Grupazh was murdered by the freyjanity, the existence of the culvert is forgotten. The culvert which was about to become the flare of glory for them had changed into "Culvert of Abyss" which had filled with invaders from far foreign country and mutated monsters.

If the letter from Lord Grupazh's library wasn't discovered and pass onto Onnaasis's hands, the King of Trades, Culvert of Abyss would remain as a monster's den forever. Onnaasis declared war with the freyjanity and seeking out the Lord's will by clearing out the monster occupying the Culvert of Abyss.

Settings: Culvert of Abyss

The hidden culvert is is connected inside Verta Delta's dam which manage the water from the huge Iris Lake which located from the west side of Prontera city to Icarus highland at Geffen city.

Introduction: Culvert of Abyss

Culvert of Abyss is located north field of Verta Delta which is located west side of Alberta City. Player can enter Culvert of Abyss by completing certain quest and the quest is subjected for players who reached level 50. Player can enter the dungeon by proceeding through the connected quest by NPC Brueghel which located in front of Divided Plain field hunter office. It is a dark place inside the culvert, rodents and robberbugs are inhabiting the area. Will the weapon of Alberta's Lord come into the possession of players? The fights with the feryjanity starts now.

Rockstar Heroes

They are a famous band that is very famous in Nidavellir continent. The reason they came to Midgard continent with RatMaster to battle with Green Zeplin which is famous in the Midgard continent. However, they couldn't get out of the culvert because armed humans are trying to get inside the culvert. The RatMaster Kremp weren't about to open the door from inside. So they are obligated to start perform and practice inside the culvert.

Golden Robberbug

A monster inhabit for a long time inside the culvert. There are rumors saying that Golden Robberbug is the evolution of Golden Thiefbug. Golden Thiefbug sees all players as a treat to it's egg and shows strong hostile to players.

Mini & Mongi

RatMaster Kremp took care of them after they loss their parents since they are young. Mini & Mongi hope that they could lend a hand to RatMaster. They picked up guitar lesson from RockStar Heroes and despite their effort, their guitar skill surpassed Rockstar Heroes and their concert tickets are often sold out. Despite everyone sees RatMaster as a villain, Mini & Mongi sees it as their father.


Aromine is the outer leader of the RatMaster clan. She replaced RatMaster Kremp in running external business for the clan as he was on the wanted list in the Nidavellir continent. Despite her appearance, she has been very helpful with RatMaster Kremp's escape since she had a wide acquittance.

RatMaster Kremp

RatMaster Kremp is the true boss of the RatMaster clan. Kremp was originally a monk who trained in Dae-Rim-Sa in the Nidavellir continent. However, due to his greed of power, he resisted and killed his master who tried to teach him the importance of mind training. To avoid the chase of the monk, he walked into the dark side and became the boss of RatMaster Kremp. He couldn't live in the Nidavellir continent anymore, therefore he escaped to the Midgard continent by sneaking into a ship.



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