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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ragnarok Online 2 Dungeon Arena

Scenario of Dungeon Arena

In Prontera Kingdom, fighting competitions are held occasionally to select the champions of the continent.

Powerful monsters that have never been seen before will be chosen as the mighty opponents, and the Asgardian who defeats them all will get a chance to battle against the champion from a previous competition. Talk about mixing PvE with PvP! The final victor of the competition will receive the “Einherjar” title, once bestowed upon an ancient warrior who fought against the demons.

Now, with such wonderful fighting competitions beginning in Prontera. who will be the legendary “Einherjar”?

Background of Dungeon Arena

Tristan, the King of Prontera Kingdom, holds a festival to cheer the Asgardians up amidst extreme conditions caused by the cataclysm. This festival started off as a fighting competition.

The architecture style does not have any special design or features as it was built from the rubble and ruins of the cities from the continent.

Introduction of Dungeon Arena

The Raid Dungeon Arena can be entered through the Arena Guard located in East Prontera. After players have entered the dungeon, you can start the match by talking to NPC Neonich, the emcee of the Arena Match.

The Arena Dungeon is divided into 7 stages. For each stage, powerful bosses will be summoned to the center of arena.

After defeating the waves of bosses, players can proceed to the next stage by talking to Neonich again. Players may also exit the Arena Dungeon whenever they wish by talking to the Arena Guard, even in the middle of a battle.

Stage 1 – Gearbaz

The Gearbaz is an industrial machine that was rumoured to be used by the ancient Schwartzbald Republic. It was originally designed for logging purposes but has also been put to use for rock breaking and other tasks. Its powerful range skills includes the ability to attack its entire surroundings by spinning its torso, as well as the ability to attack the entire area in its path with a high-speed forward charge.

Stage 2 – Entraion

The Entraion is a mutated Hellbug that was born in the Split Plains. It helms from a rare species that was recently discovered. The Entraion converts minerals into energy source by eating dirt. Most of the time it will attack with its two big, strong arms, spewing an area with high pressure poison and spinning sticky spider webs that will limit the movement of its opponents.

Stage 3 – Vadon X & Vadon Z

The Vadon mount was thought to have been made by the engineers of Merman kin. Only Vadon itself can control them. Their bubble attacks are generated by in-built bubble generators. As these mounts will be summoned together at once, it is important that players divide their roles to conquer them!

Stage 4 – Xeno Spider

The Xeno Spider is a battle machine created through the ultramundane skill. It emits various electromagnetic waves and deals electronic attacks by using condensed electromagnetic waves generated from its body. Its hefty, technical built is hard to understand even with modern science and is a mystery to this generation!

Stage 5 – Giant Driller

The Giant Driller is a mega mining machinery that was said to be used in the ancient Schwartzbald Republic. It has the power to drill through the hardest known variety of rocks! Its strategy is to disrupt the entire party with its various summoning skills and range attacks.

Stage 6 – Pertus

The Pertus looks like beetle, but is actually one powerful demon! It is the God of Bugs, with control over all the bugs in the world. It attacks with the use of channeled electricity.

Stage 7 – Twilight Einherjar

The Twilight Einherjar is a 5-person party that comprises of a Knight, Priest, Ranger, Wizard and Assassin. They are the former winners of past fighting tournaments. These powerful party of 5 can easily win tournaments that usually require 10 people to tackle!

The party members include the Lagan of Determination - a tanker; the Prana of Purification - a healer; the Emuriel of Penetration - a range damage dealer; the Embus of Ruin – a range area dealer; and Rosario of Bloodred - a melee damage dealer. Their team spirit ensures that their backs are covered, always.



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