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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RO2 Abaddon of Despair

Scenario: Abaddon of Despair
“Codename : Chimera”, a project to create a powerful combat weapon by combining the human and monster genome. Chimera project’s research subject, Maya Rembrant opened its eyes after the Prontera Knightage attacked the Freyjan Laboratory. Everything was blurry. Its body transformed into a hideous monstrosity. Severe pain followed by mental destruction. Maya hid deep inside the Divided Plain, cursing the humans who made her into the present state. It was at this time that a venomous taint began to emerge from deep inside the Divided Plain.

Time passed as the Divided Plain is filled with the taint, and villagers were poisoned one after another. Even the local beasts struggled with pain. Hunters from the Divided Plain investigated the Scar of Despair, and found an entrance to another underworld at the other end of the Hell of Deadly Poison. However, even the advanced party of veteran hunters did not survive the onslaught. The few hunters who survived, reported that there are venomous monsters lurking in the underworld.
The hunters called that underworld the Abaddon of Despair. It’s filled with the venomous taint that is inhabitable to ordinary creatures. Only strange and poisonous monsters live inside this realm. We must find and eliminiate the source of this place. Or else not just the Divided Plains, but the whole Kingdom of Rune Midgard, is in peril. Master Hunter Reidin Kerse and the hunters determine to target the Abaddon of Despair as their utmost priority.
Background: Abaddon of Despair
Deep inside the Divided Plain where the Valkyrie made a deep scar with her spear long ago, fierce and dangerous insectoid monstrosities appeared from beneath the surface and soon it became the most dangerous place in the region. Several grosteque holes were found where these bugs emerged, and a small platoon of brave warriors went to investigate but none has ever returned. As time passed, people called this bottomless hole, an abaddon. Nobody can foresee what danger lies beneath this dangerous underground cave.
Introduction: Abaddon of Despair
Entrance to the Abaddon of Despair is located at the Northeast end of the Scar of Despair, an enormous valley in the center of the Divided Plain. The entrance has been sealed by hunters because of the threat it posed. Yet there are scores of terrifying monsters and deadly poison gas emerging from it. Tough monsters await you at the Abaddon of Despair where you can access by a linked quest continuing from the Culvert of Abyss.
Wild Barbaro
The primary source of the deadly poison in the Abaddon of Despair. De facto ruler of the Abaddon of Despair, dislikes Maya which was created by Humans. Despite of its appearance, it’s a female.
Ungoliant of Despair
Ungoliant, who ruled Hell of deadly poison has resurrected from the depths of the underworld after being slayed by heroes. Ungoliant has become more evil and powerful than ever before and it will destroy everything that dares to approach it.
Giant Worm
Giant Worm is largest species of earthworms. As it has swarms of parasites within its body, and it requires an enormous amount of nutrients to grow. The only thing that intersts Giant worm is eating.
Charming Ramort
Nobody knows when this deceivingly dangerous monster began inhabiting the Abaddon of Despair. One thing that’s certain is that several hunters have been possessed by its beautiful appearance and paid the price for it with their lives.
Maya Purple
Mass manufactured monster created from the data gathered from Maya and from the test results done by master hunter Lindberg. Even though it’s mass manufactured, it has the strongest and most sinister abilities than any other monsters seen.
Its name during its human form was Maya Rembrant. One of the children who disappeared during the Mask Kidnap incident organized by Freyjanity. A childhood friend of Reidin Kerse. Maya thinks only of revenge to the humans who turned her into a monster.


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