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Friday, February 22, 2013

Bug Status version 1.3.2(34), 21th February 2013

Dear Asgardians,
Here is a list of issues & bugs that are fixed and those still under investigation. We will be posting from time to time to update players on the current issues. Please stay tune to our official announcements for updates.
Issues Brought UpStatus
Potion bugsFixed
Pandora's Box Announcement ReducedFixed
Gold Spamming issueFixed
"Tab" causes crash gameFixed
Dungeon of Baphomet Reset ScrollFixed
Error when buying items (Kafra)Fixed
Korean Error MessageFixed
Guild skill points missingFixed
Quest missing to dungeon Ghost ShipFixed
Bug when using Kafra servicesFixed
Shield Boomerang Mastery bugFixed
Right "CTRL", "SHIFT" on keyboard causing character movement lockFixed
Consumable buffsFixed
Error when buying itemsFixed
Monsters melee attacking from a distanceFixed
Merem boss spawn location has been changedFixed
Korean text while equipping RunesFixed
Shield of the Ferocious Pandora item stats correctedFixed
Unknown item sold by Gabriel NPCFixed
Fox costume skin clippingFixed
Class requirement for Claw of the Ferocious PandoraFixed
Super Large Bag description in Kafra shop corrected to "Not Tradable"Fixed
Typo for Verta Delta questFixed
Arena NPC Neonich's speechFixed
Incorrect token for Rogue equipmentsFixed
Culvert of Abyss boss glitchFixed
Unknown items in Pontera Fountain NPCFixed
In-game mall purchase list not showingFixed
Chinese New Year questRemoved
Invalid Distance ErrorImplementing
Signs of Graphic Card tearing symptomsImplementing
Hole in Soggrat DesertImplementing
Random bug "Unable to end battle state"Implementing
Dungeon boss glitchesInvestigating
Game not responding after video cinematicInvestigating
Not in a state that is controllableInvestigating
Skill point lostInvestigating
Rune Hole Puncher errorInvestigating
Thank you.

-RO2 Administrator


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